Welcome to Telluria

This western land mass is the home of five kingdoms. Three of these kingdoms are large and fill much land area. Two of these kingdoms are single large cities. All five are generally prosperous and strong.

The balance of power is tenuous in the area. Each of the five kingdoms can field a large military force and kingly squabbles are often decided on the field of combat. The addition of allies may make all the difference in a war. The two dwarven kingdoms frequently band together for obvious reasons. They also fight from time to time over resources, land, or other economic or political friction.

The northernmost kingdom is The Kingdom of the Northern Dwarves. The livery is Black on Yellow depicting a warhammer. The current king is King Darvon, who is young, healthy and a respected dwarf across the continents.

The kingdom directly below is The Kingdom of Emerald. The current leader is Khorstone the Mighty. He is a healthy middle-aged dwarf with a fierce reputation on the battlefield.

The southern kingdom is Elland, ruled by The King of the South, Barcus Augustus. He is a human in his mid 40s, ruling a land of many races.

Between the borders of the northern two dwarf kingdoms is The City State of Besancon. It is ruled by The Council of Elders.

Between the southern two kingdoms is Lampere at the coastal edge of the swamps by the same name. It is another City State currently ruled by ???.